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Les Paul’s House of Sound at Discovery World

Les Paul’s House of Sound at the at the Discovery World, is an interactive experience that showcases the innovative and creative spirit of Les Paul. Featuring three different areas: Les’ Early Years, The Musician on the Road to Stardom, and Friends of Les Paul. Select features of the exhibit include Les Paul’s Grammy Awards, the first Gibson Les Paul ever produced, and the “Klunker” Les used to produce top ten hits. Discovery World Page

Waukesha County Museum

Waukesha County Museum is one of the best locations in the world best fit to present this tribute to Les Paul and create such a strong connection between Wisconsin and world-class talent.  See Les’ personal guitars, tribute jackets, recording equipment, trophies and awards, and much more!  Enjoy viewing Les perform throughout his career, including several clips with Mary Ford. Play examples of his guitar inventions, and even touch Les Paul’s handprints! Museum Page

Les Paul Exhibit in Mahwah Museum

The Les Paul exhibit in the Mahwah Museum are hosting a Gala and Raffle of famious Les Paul Guitars. They also have on display a very rare guitar which was once owned by Django Reinhardt, gifted to Les after his death with Django’s 1950 Selmer Orchestra Model acoustic guitar in gratitude for Les’s kindness to Django’s family. This guitar, treasured by Les, was kept it in his private collection. Mahwah Museum Page

The New Sound @ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The New Sound: Les Paul and the Electric Guitar at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This exhibit features artifacts related to Les Paul’s life and career; The very first guitar he owned as a child, his first attempt at a electric solid-body guitar out of a wood plank, the “Clunker” and a very early model Gibson Les Paul. The exhibit also includes artifacts from his childhood home as well as other inventions and innovations. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Page

Grammy Museum

Grammy Museum, Newark

The GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center offers guests a chance to experience music and the GRAMMYs. Exhibits allow guests to get hands-on and learn, while also exploring what it takes to become a GRAMMY winner. Visit the Grammy Museum – Newark, NJ.

Museum of Music Instruments, Phoenix

Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix

MIM began with a vision to create a musical instrument museum that would be truly global. Realizing most musical museums featured historic, primarily Western classical instruments, MIM’s founder Bob Ulrich (then CEO of Target Corporation) was inspired to develop a new kind of museum that would focus on the kind of instruments played every day by people worldwide. Visit the Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix.