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NPR visits the Wizard’s hometown

Ira Flatow, host of National Public Radio’s “Science Friday, will be talking about Les Paul during his Friday, September 27th broadcast with Les Paul Foundation Program Director Sue Baker. The program will be broadcast live from Madison, Wisconsin from 1p.m. – 3p.m.Central Time.

“Science Friday” Producer Christopher Intagliata and Associate Producer Alexa Lim decided that since they were in Madison, a mere 70 miles from Waukesha, they should visit the Wizard’s hometown. Read the rest of this entry »

Les Paul, teen radio entertainer and inventor

From his childhood days of listening to the crystal radio he made to having his own radio shows, Les was mesmerized by radio. His first radio encounter was listening to cowboy music on Tennessee radio stations.

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Bar-B-Q stand that led to the electric guitar

Many Les Paul fans know Beekman’s Bar-B-Q as the place where Les first added electricity to his guitar. In his later years Les kept looking for Beekman’s or at least a photo of Beekman’s. He saw one building that some claimed had been Beekman’s, but Les said it didn’t look anything like he remembered and Les’ memory exceeded most anyone around him. Read the rest of this entry »

Les Paul in World War II

In 1943, while living in Hollywood, Les Paul was drafted into the army. Meredith Wilson, whom Les knew, was in charge of the Armed Forces Radio Service. Wilson recruited Les to work for him at this new venture, which was designed to bring a touch of home to the troops serving all over the world.  Read the rest of this entry »

How Les met Mary

It was the mid-1940s. Les was living in California, playing with his trio. He had just agreed to recreate the country act he had used in St. Louis and Chicago. His trio was set. Les had all the songs, but he wanted a female singer for his show. Just as Les was pondering all of this, he ran into Read the rest of this entry »