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New book captures the curious Les Paul

“Les Paul and the Perfect Sound” shows how a curious child and a supportive parent can lead to a genius guitar player and inventor who forever changed the world of music. READ MORE

GE volunteers prepare Les Paul Middle School

GE Healthcare staff members, 124 to be exact, spent a day at Les Paul Middle School-Central Campus painting walls, creating illustrations, digging, planting, building and painting a quote from Les Paul to greet this year’s students. The effort was part of GE Healthcare’s Community Service Day. 


Les’ Lifelong Friend

One of Les Paul’s childhood friends was Paul D’Amato. In fact, the two maintained their friendship throughout their lives. Paul and Les had gone to school together in Waukesha.


Les Paul’s Inventions — Part 5

The Log

It was 1941. Les was in New York. He had recently left Chicago after studying and playing the Blues with some of the great performers of the day. In Chicago, he performed country music on the radio as Rhubarb Red during the day and transformed in the evenings to blues/jazz-playing Les Paul.


Les Paul at Milwaukee’s Big Gig

Milwaukee’s Summerfest invited the Les Paul Foundation and Milwaukee’s Discovery World to set up an area at the annual 11-day music festival along Lake Michigan.

Discovery World and the Les Paul Foundation collaborated to create several informative banners. The most popular captures some of the many faces of Les. The popular cutout of Les continues to draw fans who enjoy having their photo taken with their hero. READ MORE