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Les Paul’s Inventions — Part 3

Lester’s first Log

Many people know about Les Paul’s invention of the Log, but his first Log is not as well known.

As teenage Lester played at venues around Waukesha, his dissatisfaction with his acoustic guitar grew. The sound from the guitar strings would vibrate inside the acoustic guitar’s body.  Lester wanted to hear the guitar strings vibrate and nothing else.


Les Paul’s Inventions — Part 2

Teen Lester keeps inventing

Lester, who by his teen years was known as Red Hot Red, continued to play his harmonica and guitar. He wanted to be able to play both instruments at the same time. He had become proficient at playing both sides of the harmonica so it was important to be able to flip the harmonica without putting down his guitar.


Les Paul Foundation partner school continues to succeed!

For several years, the Les Paul Foundation has provided funding to the Stax Music Academy that is associated with the Soulsville Charter School in Memphis, Tennessee.

A tour of the charter school and the after school program showed dedicated teachers working with students eager to learn. Music, which is woven throughout the school, motivates the students to excel.  READ MORE

Les Paul’s inventions – Part 1

The Laboratory of a Genius

Like many very young children, Lester Polsfuss (Les Paul) took pots and pans out of his mother’s kitchen cabinets to create his “orchestra,” as he called it. His pounding on the various pans may have been his first experiment with sound. Lester still was very young when he observed how the nearby train sounded differently as it moved along the track. He wondered why the living room window shuddered as the train passed. That curiosity drove Les throughout his life.


Jeff Salmon Presents Todd Rundgren with the Les Paul Award at the 29th Annual TEC Awards

Legendry musician, groundbreaking record producer and electronic music revolutionary Todd Rundgren was honored with the prestigious Les Paul Award on Friday, January 24, 2014 at the 29th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Award READ MORE