The mission of the Les Paul Foundation is to honor and share the life, spirit, and legacy of Les Paul by supporting music education, engineering and innovation as well as medical research. The Les Paul Foundation is an approved IRC 501(c) 3 organization.

The Les Paul Foundation

  • Awards grants to music, music engineering and sound programs that serve youth.
  • Establishes music-related scholarships at schools and programs for students.
  • Provides grants for medical research and programs related to hearing impairment.
  • Supports public exhibits displaying Les Paul’s life achievements.


Les’ mother encouraged him at a young age to follow his instincts regardless of how unusual or different he approached challenges. 

Determined to perpetuate support to the areas most important to him and on which he spent his life’s focus, Les created  his foundation.

Through his foundation, Les continues to encourage music education and innovations in engineering and medical research, especially as it applies to hearing loss.



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Pictured left to right: Cristy Trembly, Chris Lentz, Jeff Salmon, Michael Braunstein

Board of Trustees
Michael Braunstein
Arlene Palmer
Jeff Salmon
Cristy Trembly

title staff
Michael Braunstein, Executive Director

Sue Baker, Program Director

Christopher Lentz, Director of Media Archives

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